Strategy Poker Play in The Best Position

Strategy Poker Play in The Best Position

A poker player who should know that position is an important factor in the game and plays an important role in the success of a poker player. Playing with position means that the player in this situation is the last person to take the step after they see what others have done.

If you play in a position, you have the maximum amount of information available to any player. You have the advantage because you get an idea of ​​what happened to your fellow players before your turn to play, and you have to decide what you will do with your hand cards.

Someone who does not play in a position to grope in the dark, trying to guess the value of the opponent’s hand without any information from them first.

This article is made to teach you a variety of different positions in poker, it’s summarized by Betberry. If you want refreshment then look for further information about the Best Positions for Playing Poker Online.

Advantages: Playing in Position

Playing in a Position is an expression used when you play in Late Position. This means you are on the dealer button, or a few seats to the right of it.

Because the game always starts from the seat to the left of the ball dealer, this means that it goes around the entire table before it reaches you, and all your opponents must reveal some information about their cards before you have to take the next step.

Poker can look very easy when you play in position. When you join the table, take time to observe the table and try your best to get a seat to the left of the weak player at the table. In this way, you will get the opportunity most likely to be in a position and can use the strength of that position against weaker players who do not have the knowledge to recognize what you are doing or maintain it.

Because of the advantages and uses that are played in a position so it is sometimes referred to as “God Seat”. You can walk on water or do miracles when you play in position, with your enviable control over other players. Your rival is forced into a defensive position and has to play what is called “scared poker”, which is never worried about the results of the hand.

Weaknesses: Playing Outside Position

Anyone who plays in the Middle Position or Initial Position (the first few seats on their left) is said to play “Out of Position”.

It is no coincidence that someone whose turn comes immediately after the card is handled is said to be playing under the gun. This expression, however concerned, illustrates the situation well because this is the most dangerous position and often proves very expensive for players who play hands regularly in this position.

Under the gun, you are the first person to act before failure and among the first people to act after failure, so you lose the opportunity to gather information from your opponent’s actions before you have to take action – this opportunity is in the hands of that person who plays in position . So you will usually find the player in a controlling position and determine how the hand is played.

If you are in the starting position, you will be advised to play very tight. Because you are not in a position, you are at a disadvantage, so reject it by reducing the time you spend playing outside the position. This makes decisions easier to make later.

There are simple strategies to implement when considering outside play. Just play a very good hand. You must have a card consisting of ace, king and a pair. Second, if you have a pocket ace, pocket king or pocket queen or ace king, raise a tight table, and go limp on a loose table.

You can try placing a “touch” bet in the starting position to check your opponent’s reaction to it, and get some information about them. But in general out of position make sure your game is very tight and turn your hands carefully to make the best of playing out of position.

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