16 inch Gold Aluminum Foil Letters Balloon For Wedding Holiday and Party Home Decoration

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Type: Event & Party Supplies

Event & Party Item Type : Balloon

Occasion: Party

Model Number : AF 80004

Material: Aluminum

Item Name :: 16 inch Gold Aluminum Foil Letters Balloon For Wedding Holiday

Item Type :: Letters Balloons

Size:: 16 Inches

Color:: Gold

Material:: Aluminum Foil

Occasion:: Holiday Theme Party Wedding Balloons

Event & Party Item Type :: Party Decorations

After inflated size :: H:35cm*W:24cm

Weight: About 0.006 kg / PC


16 inch Gold Aluminum Foil Letters Balloon For Wedding Holiday and Party Home Decoration 

Item: Letters Ballons

Material:Aluminum Foil

Quantity:1 PCS

Size:almost: 16 Inch, each one 0.006kg/Pc

After inflated size :H:35cm x W:24cm

Color: Gold Color

The balloon because the cause of the batch, the color will have off color, please don't mind friend photographed, thank you

Package: Ballon with oppbag

Material quality

High quality aluminum film. This balloon is foreign brand high-quality aluminum balloons, not a ordinary plastic balloons. All of the products are export quality, automatic sealing.
(automatic sealing: easy blowing, easy sealing, the balloon can be used repeatedly)
Used for wedding arrangements , party celebration decoration, children's toys and other purposes. The most ideal decorative balloon of celebration, cooperate with other balloon to use happy effect is better. This product can be used for enterprise promotion, product promotion, KTV/ bar decoration layout.
Product features
1:The material is the aluminum film, the ball has the metal luster, the color is even, the ball is beautiful
2:Can be used repeatedly, charging and discharging is convenient, do not use it once and throw it away
3: After the inflation is completed, p inched flat the ball, ball mouth comes automatically sealing glue!


  1, Any balloon, which filled with air can not fly. But it can float up if you fill hydrogen or helium into the balloon, Hydrogen low cost. It is dangerous to meet fire, filling hydrogen must be away from the fire. Helium is inert gas, the cost is high, but it is safe. (hand pump and pump out of the foot is air, the balloon can not be floating) If you do not have hydrogen or helium, you can buy the hand pump or the foot pump in our shop.
  2, Dear buyer, because of the nature of the balloon material, the balloon will be about three percent of the failure rate, it is difficult for us to check out. A package (50) there are less 1-2 is normal , because the machine is weighing, no artificial number so accurate, If you mind, please don't place an order. We will artificial investigation the packaging of goods, the pass rate controlled in 1% inside, please rest assured.
  3, We have a solid warehouse, we are professional in cartoon balloon and children's toys, festival class party balloon wholesale, with the largest variety, the latest styles, the lowest price, highest quality and other advantages,  year-round supply in the major wholesale market.
  4, The bulk of the balloon, Pay before 4 o'clock, We?will make a delivery in 24 hour. The packaging of goods, please contact customer service, ask delivery period. A large amount of goods is generally recommended that you choose the freight logistics company (which is generally the shipping department, the general can only send to the city or county, you need to go to city or county to pick up, is not delivery, but the freight is relatively cheap, speed is not too slow, This is more cost-effective for you) If the goods are not very heavy, we will advise you to send express, courier with tact, pass, rhyme, Huitong, other small remote places can also send the post office mail. We will be based on your request, address, the weight of goods to you to recommend an affordable and suitable mode of transport.