2017 Fishing Pole Stream Fishing Rod Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod Ultra Light Carp Fishing Pole Portable telescopic rod

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Hardness: Super hard

Position: Ocean Boat Fishing , Ocean Rock Ashing , Ocean Beach Fishing , Lake , Reservoir Pond , River

Top Diameter : 1.1 mm

Model Number : Fishing Rod

Brand Name : Hiroshima

Category: Telescopic Fishing Rod

Material: Carbon

Style: Telescopic Fishing Rod

Fishing Rod : Telescopic Fishing Rod

Feature A : Three point welded stainless steel

Feature B : Light weight and portable

Feature C : Corrosion resistant CC Machined Aluminum










This product does not contain reels
Material:Inside the rod is uniform in texture with excellent water repellency.
Advanced X Type torsional fiber layout to make the rod stronger.
High-density carbon fiber to increase the thickness of the inner wall of the rod thus makes the rod strong and resilient.
1.Excellent craftsmanship superhard fishing rod
2.Made of high-carbon material thus clear carbon grain can be seen
3.Adoped bronzing transfer printing technology to make logo
4.Colorful nylon braided handle to make it comfortable and ventilated
5.The thickness of the rod is even thus prevents fracture while hooking a big fish
6.Exquisite exterior coating with high-grade metal top cap
7.Super resilient and solid tip with high-grade metal top cap
8.Tight and gapless joints between segments
9.Uniform and classy interior coating color

 About the weight and length maybe have some differs, this link without reel.just have one rod.3.6M just have 3.25M.other is right.

Please in kind prevail for all information,  thanks!



About the weight and length maybe have some differs,

Please in kind prevail for all information, thanks!