20pcs Purple blue Ghost Japanese Maple Tree, (Acer Palatum), bonsai flower seeds, tree seeds, potted plant for home & garden

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Product Type : Bonsai

Use: Outdoor Plants

Cultivating Difficulty Degree : Very Easy

Classification: Novel Plant

Full-bloom Period : Summer

Type: Foliage Plants

Flowerpot: Excluded

Location: Courtyard

Function: Interest

Size: Small , Medium

Applicable Constellation : Virgo

Climate: Temperate

Style: Perennial

Model Number : tree seeds

Variety: Maple

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normal plant instruction

Find impermeable plate or a small box, and then put into a paper towel. Gracefully seed, the little box with plastic wrap and blindfolded. Some vent the top bar to ensure seed to breathe. Cover the nursery pots film, and then placed in a warm place, seedlings will soon be drilled soil. After sprouted, Miao Miao appropriate to move to a sunny place, to prevent leggy seedlings.


 farm, Balcony, roof, garden, living room, windows, Orchard, etc

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