40Pcs Medical Plaster Eliminate Inflammation Pain Relief Back/Neck/Foot Health Care Plaster Pain Disease Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Item Type : Massage & Relaxation

Size: Medium

Application: Body

Model Number : 8 cps / bag , 5 bags / lot

Material: medical cloth

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medical plaster arthritis : plaster for back pain

plaster for pain relief : plaster of pain

balm plaster : z pain relief

balm plaster for body : medical

Massage & Relaxation : rheumatism plaster

rheumatism plaster for joint pain : arthritis rheumatism

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arthritis pain relief : back pain relief

Material Size : AAA 7 cm X 10 cm



40Pcs Medical Plaster Eliminate Inflammation Pain Relief Back/Neck/Foot Health Care Plaster  Pain Disease Rheumatoid Arthritis
40  PCS = 5 bags  ,   8 PCS  =  bag

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 Easily one, where the pain paste where. Reducing medication and injections of pain! It is your healthy little angel! Love healthier you, must be the most happy! 


 [Nature Shape] This for yellow brown laminated shape rubber  paste.

[Structure performance]   The product consists of far infrared ceramic powder.  This becomes using the modern high tech technique of production development.thus the improvement organism microcycle, strengthens the metabolism, strengthens the organism cell vigor.
[Health care function] Has passes detachably, relieves sickness dissipates cold which has penetrated the body the  function which, the blood circulation stops pain.
[Applicable scope] ls suitable in by the wind, cold, wet, evil joint aches as well as the soft tissue  and so on result neck, shoulder, waist, leg turns result  and so on bruise each kind of aches.
[Application method] The external use, pastes the trouble  place directly, every day a placard.
[Matters needing attention] The pregnant woman, after having the spontaneity bleeds or the damage the bleeder, to the zinc oxide allergy, the ache partial skin has the wound, the infection or ulcer is forbid.
[Gauge Standard] 7cmx 10cm
[Package lnstalling] 8 paste/the bag 
[Stores Tibet] Cool dry, seal preservation.
[Term of validity] Two year