ANSTAR GPS Tracker MINI Tracking Device for Outdoor Hunting Portable Navigator Travel Keychain Micro Handheld GPS Locator

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Quick Overview

GPS type : GPS Tracker

Voltage: 5 V

GPS Geographic Location : Europe

Screen Size : Under 2 Inches

Battery Life : 5 To 9 Hours

Gps Module : Yes

Brand Name : INSTAR

Model Name : INSTAR MINI GPS tracker

Out Power : 0.3 w / h

Item Size : 4 inch

Special Feature : Digital Compass

Name: Instar MINI GPS Tracking Device

Apply: for kids for hunting for car for bike

Display: LCD

battery: Built - in

Appearance: Key chain

Color: Green / Yellow

Feature: MINI GPS Portable Navigator

Selling point : SOS car detector

Package: No

ANSTAR GPS Tracker MINI Tracking Device for Outdoor Hunting Portable Navigator Travel Keychain GPS Locator Micro Handheld GPS


Built-in GPS Module,  it's the best choice to climb the mountain or forests!  However most of other GPS trackers need to install a SIM card, which will be no signal in mountain.

Kindly noted that use it in opean areas without obstacle,   it takes a whiletime to get the satellite signal.


The initial positioning time

Hot start: About 5 seconds

Warm start: About 40 seconds

Cold start: About 2 Minutes

Sensitivity:-161dBm tracking/ -157dBm re capture/ -148dBm capture

Data protocol: NMEA-0183 v3.01

The power supply voltage: USB DC 5 V / 3.7 V  390 Ma the built-in lithium battery

The operation time: approximately 6 hours

Capture: about 70 Ma

Continuous tracking: about 30 Ma

Storage temperature:  -30°C to +85°C

Working temperature: -20°C to +75°C

Humidity: Up to 80%  non-condensing

Range of use: This product only work under outdoor sky open areas around elevation 15 °  no building cases to receive satellite signals!


Package includes:

1 x Mini tracker

1 x USB cable

1 x Instructions



Receiver: L1Type,  C/A Code

Capture channel: 51

Tracking channel: 14

Maximum update frequency: 10 Hz

Size: 65mmx 52mmx 21mm

Weight: 39.6g (With the battery)

Memory: 512KB

Location: 10m (Support the difference correction system area up to 2 meters)

Speed: 0.1m/s



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