Bonsai Seeds Of Aquatic Plants Double Petals Pink Daffodils Seed For Home Garden 100 Particles / Lot Flower Seeds Sementes

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Quick Overview

Product Type : Bonsai

Size: Small

Use: Indoor Plants

Style: Perennial


Variety: Camellia

Classification: Novel Plant

Function: Beautifying

Flowerpot: Excluded

Applicable Constellation : Leo

Full-bloom Period : Spring

Location: Living Room

Climate: Subtropics

Cultivating Difficulty Degree : Very Easy

Type: Blooming Plants


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 Planting Guide     

  1.     1.the soil into the pot,  leveling,  water
  2.     2.then the seeds evenly sprinkled on the above
  3.     3.and then covered with a thin layer of soil
  4. is best not to let the seeds exposed to the outside of the soil
  5.     5.every day to observe the soil,  dry in the soil and then watering
  6. attention to avoid sun exposure