Car Heated Seat Cushion Cover DC12V Heating Heater Warmer PadSeat Cushion Cover Heating Carbon Fiber Warm for Winter Black Color

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Item Type : Seat Covers & Supports

Item Weight : 600 g

Brand Name : Escondido

Special Features : Heating cushion

Item Width : 48 cm

Item Length : 97 cm

Mfg Series Number : Warmer Seat Cushion

material: polyester fiber composite non slip mesh fabric

voltage: DC 12 V

power: 45 W (HI) 36 W (LO)

length: 130 cm

adjustable temperature : 25-60 degrees Celsius

type: heated seat

name: Seat Cushion

size: 52*52*4

Scope: car , home , office

function: plush heater pad heating

 Seat Cushion Car Seat Warmer DC12V Heated Seat Cushion Cover Heating Carbon Fiber keep Warming for Winter Black Color New


Product Features:

1. The principle of electric car heating cushion is to add the heating core with the function of temperature adjustment inside the cushion. This heating core adopts the far-infrared heating resistance wire with tensile,  anti-rubbing,  anti-corrosion,  acid and alkali resistance and high conversion rate. As long as you connect the cushion power cord to the cigarette lighter or power supply,  switch on,  30 seconds or so,  the LO temperature can be up to 40 degrees,  HI temperature can be up to 60 degrees.
2. With emperature control regulator temperature installed,  it will stop heating when reaching about 60 degrees to protect the cushion from overheating.
3. This product can not only resist the cold and humid,  but also effectively relieving back and leg pressure,  suitable to be used in the car,  office,  sofa,  bed and so on.
4. Intelligent temperature control,  energy saving and environmental protection,  long service life,  safe and reliable. temperature range 25-60 ℃ ,  automatically heated to constant temperature; when it's seated,  it will stop heating when the heating temperature reaches  60 ℃; with no one seated,  it will stop heating when the heating temperature reaches 40 ℃.


1. Material: Composite polyester fiber + non-slip mesh
2. Size: 97 * 48 cm / 38.19 * 18.90 in
3. Voltage: DC12V
4. Power: 45W (HI) 36W (LO)
5. Length: 130 cm / 51.18 in
6. Adjustable temperature: 25-60℃




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