Clip In Hair 1 Piece Set Remy Human Hair Clip Cheveux Extensions Clip Natural Hair Cabelo Tic Tac Human Hair Hairpiece Clip Ins

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Quick Overview

Brand Name : MRS HAIR

Net Weight : 100 g

Texture: Straight

Human Hair Type : Brazilian Hair

Material Grade : Re my Hair

Suitable Dying Color : Darker Color Only

Can Be Permed : Yes

Color Type : Pure Color

Hair Extension Type : Clip - In

Material: Human Hair

Available Colors : 1# 1 B # 2# 4# 6# 24# 27# 30# 99 J # 613# P 4/27# P 27/613#

Length & Weight : 16"/18"/20"/22" 40 g /45 g /50 g /55 g /80 g /90 g /95 g /100 g

Hair Item : clip in hair extensions

Hair Type : One Piece Human Hair Clip In Extension

Human Texture : Re my Human Hair Clip In Extensions

Hair Style : Single Hair pieces

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Remy Clip In Hair Extensions 1 Piece Set, Human Hair Clip Cheveux Extensions, Clip Natural Hair Cabelo Tic Tac, Full Head Hairpiece !
Type: 1 Piece Clip In Human Hair
Hair Brand: MRSHAIR - Best Quality Hair Extensions In Aliexpress !
  • 100% Real Human Hair, No Synthetic, No Animal Hair !
  • 5A Grade Brazilian Virgin Human Hair, Soft, Smooth, Gloosy, Straight Clip Ins
  • No Shedding, No tangle, No Knots, No Lice !
  • Can Be Curled, Straightened, Can Be Dyed To Darker Color !
  • More comfortable and unvisible on head !
Length & Weight: 
Small Pieces:
  • 16 inches = 40cm, 40grams. 
  • 18  inches = 45cm, 45grams. 
  • 20 inches = 50cm, 50grams.
  • 22 inches = 55cm, 55grams. 
Big Pieces:
  • 16 inches = 40cm, 80grams. 
  • 18  inches = 45cm, 90grams. 
  • 20 inches = 50cm, 95grams.
  • 22 inches = 55cm, 100grams. 
Dark Color: 1#, 1B#, 2#, 4#, 6#
Light Color: 24#,  27#, 30#,  613#
Piano Color: P4/27#, P27/613#
Style: Silky Straight Human Hair Clip In Extensions

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  • Using MRS Hair Loop Brush to detangle your hair from the ends to the top before washing! 
  • Wash your hair gentle in a downward motion. After you have done rinse your hair thoroughly, make sure your hair is clean before use hair conditioner. 
  • Conditioning your hair after every wash. Do not apply conditioner in the top area or near the attachments. It can loosen the attachments and make your extensions fall out. 
  • Dry your hair gently (Best is let your hair dry naturally). Don't rub it with a towel but move in a downward motion from top to ends. Gently detangle your hair.
  • Suggest don't wash hair within 48 hours after get your hair extensions. Your stylist will give you instructions about this (if not, ask!)
  • Don't use heat tools too often, Just like with natural hair, too much mechanical heat will damage hair (the more you use, the shorter your hair extensions will last). When you do use heat tools, be sure to use a heat protectant. You can also use non-heat methods to curl your hair extensions. 
  • Rubbing can cause the hair to tangle, Use a Special Brush for hair extensions when brushing your hair ( MRS HAIR Soft Loop Brush). It is best to start at the ends of your hair, always brush in a downward motion. Brushing 2 to 3 times a day
Styling products
  • Use a good conditioner to keep your hair soft. Don't over do it. To much conditioner or any other hair care product can cause tangling.
  • Avoid hair products contain alcohol. Alcohol makes hair dry. Confirm with your stylist that all styling products (shampoo and conditioner) that you use are OK
  • Using Low power MRS HAIR Straightenning Irons to make your curl style and striaght style. In a certain extent, Low Power Irons less damage to the hair extensions 
Hair treatments
  • When you would like to perm or color your hair, don't do it by yourself. Let your extension stylist take care of all chemical treatments you would like to do ( Our hair extensions only support dye to more darker color)
  • Don't sleep with wet hair. Once your hair extensions are completely dry, braid hair or tie it in a loose ponytail. To prevent tangling as much as possible
Swimming & Exercise
  • Avoid long exposure to chlorine and salt water. Chlorine and salt water can cause the hair to tangle and mat up. 
  • Suggest to wear a swim cap or wear your hair up to keep it out of the water. Best to shampoo and condition your hair immediately after swimming.
  • In general it is a good habit to wear your hair up or in a ponytail when you exercise
About color difference:
  • All items are for real shooting. For technology, display, light, environmental reasons may be a slight deviation phenomenon, please in kind prevail. (If you can't accept this and want to return, please reference the Refund & Exchange form.
  • If you are Wholesaler or Salon Owner, Suggest you collect one set of our MRS HAIR Color Ring, You can place order according to the Color Ring in future orders
Products Note:
  • All human hair products are dyed hair, made by Unprocessed Virgin Black Natural Color Human Hair Raw Material.
  • In dyeing process, little pieces material dye fail but still stay in the new color extensions, lead to hair looks not pure!
  • We usually pick these hair out from production, but we DO NOT guarantee 100% pick all these color out, please understand!
  • Please pick the few strand out by yourself. Thank you so much 
Real Human Hair Testing:
Burning: Take out a piece of hair extensions, burning it.
  • When burning, the fire has a offensive smell.
Compared with your own hair, find a little of your own losing hair and burn it please. That is offensive smell too. ( Hair made of keratin protein. )
Compared with synthetic, Just find a little synthetic material (if you have synthetic hair will be better), burning it please, the Smell is obviously different with human hair. It's plastic smelling. 
  • After burned, the ash you can checking.
If real human hair, the residue is powder type, When gently rubbing the residue by hand, it will be shattered to be powder. 
If synthetic, the residue is a knot, not powder !  [Reference below picture of Different !]
Why Hair Tangle:
  • The largest reason wrong care method used. Wrong care method lead to hair dryness.
  • Oil, dirt build up, salt water, chlorine or not combing ( MRS HAIR Soft Loop Brush) out your hair daily.
  • High temperature iron used on the hair. (Using Low Power Straightenning Iron for the hair please
Better Temperature for human hair:
  • More than 120 degrees Celsius temperature will damage the hair. The human hair will melting when the temperature more than 230 degrees Celsius.
  • Better temperature is 80 ~ 100 degrees Celsius when you straightening or curling by iron.
Sometimes, Why hair extensions become to wavy after washing ?
  • Our products are very soft and elastic.
  • Maybe hair extensions be stretched when washing, and be made a little wavy.
  • Due to the remaining hair care products also has a shape function, It can lead to the hair is a little wavy. Using Warm Hair Straightening Iron easy back to silky straight again 
How long does it last ?
  • Our hair can last for very long time depending on how you care it. Treat it like your own hair and take very good care of it in order to use more long time. (Reference care method for more tips.)
  • We expect so much from hair extensions, but we can't always put in the work to take care of them. Hair extensions require work as they don't like our own hair. With our own hair, we have natural oils to keep the hair healthy, but don't suitable for hair extension. You can maintain the beautiful quality for reuse and reusing MRS  HAIR extension by following above tips.
  • Once hair extensions are cut, they require much more care to make the hair last, because these hair extensions are worn everyday. More better you take care of your MRS HAIR EXTENSIONS, More long time they will last