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Product Type : Bonsai

Use: Outdoor Plants

Brand Name : Aisha

Cultivating Difficulty Degree : Very Easy

Classification: Novel Plant

Full-bloom Period : Summer

Type: Blooming Plants

Flowerpot: Excluded

Location: Balcony

Function: Beautifying

Size: Small , Medium

Applicable Constellation : Cancer

Variety: Flower

Climate: Subtropics

Style: Perennial

Model Number : ABC

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Cultivation methods:
1. Soil: Ranunculus pot planted are appropriate. To be applied when the basal sufficient planting. Available potted garden soil, 2 parts leaf mold and one part for each manure basin.

2. Watering: After Ranunculus buds unearthed, may be appropriate to control water to prevent the plants flourishing. Later to be extended leaves to keep the soil moist, not too dry dry, especially in the leaves when the plants 8-10, otherwise it will affect the flower buds.

3, Sun: Ranunculus hi light, only to ensure that no less than four hours of light per day, the plant can grow well. In addition, Ranunculus is a long day plant, flowering can be controlled according to their characteristics.

4, temperature: Ranunculus between 10 degrees to 20 degrees grow well, unearthed after sprouts may be appropriate to reduce the temperature, to prevent excessive growth, especially at night temperature is lower. 6-7 weeks after planting, the plants into the flower bud differentiation stage, this time should be kept at a temperature between 5 degrees to 15 degrees.

5. Fertilization: Ranunculus flowers are like fertilizer in the planting process should be ground fertilizer. To recover a fertilizer every other week, alternating the best organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer fertilizer. That is the first time thin chicken manure extract, the second top-dressing with potassium dihydrogen phosphate 3 ‰, the third with an organic fertilizer, so alternately dressing is greatly promote bud differentiation.











Morphological characteristics
Ranunculus strains pose exquisite and beautiful, rich beautiful color for many years herbaceous perennial flowers.
Height 20 cm to 40 cm, root fusiform, by constant poly born root of the neck; Stem solitary, or a few branches, hairy; basal leaves broadly ovate, with a long handle, stem leaves sessile, 2 Press 3 pinnate; flowers solitary or few flowers apical, flower diameter 3 cm to 4 cm;
Underground tubers with spindle-shaped small, about 2 cm in diameter and 1 cm. Line bundle on the ground about 30 centimeters long slender stems and erect, little branched, with bristles. Roots and leaves with a long handle, oval, mostly three leaves, coarsely blunt teeth.
Stem leaves subsessile, feathery fine crack, lobes 5-6, margin have blunt teeth. Single flower of Acremonium, or smoke from axillary birth long pedicel, corolla Fung Yuen, flat petals, round eight, scattered stack, flower diameter 3-4 cm or more, by constant poly born root neck. Spring sprouted stems, solitary or a few branches. Stem leaves no petiole, basal leaves long-handled, the shape of celery. Each flower stalk of grass flowers 1 to 4, Ranunculus species and have potted flower seed points. There plena, semidouble, rich colors, a variety of colors white, yellow, red, bright pink, red, orange, purple and brown, etc.

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