Hot Sell ! High Quality Strong 500M Nylon Fishing Line Carbon Fiber Nylon Sink Fish Lines Not Braided Multifilament Fluorocarbon

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Position: Ocean Rock Ashing , Ocean Beach Fishing , Lake , Reservoir Pond , River , Stream

Model Number : Standard

With Ruler or No : No

Material: Nylon

With Scale or No : No

Buoyancy Characteristic : Sink Tip Floating Line

Shape: Level



There are only White color now.

Model Number: 500M Daiwa Nylon Line

Shape: Level
Buoyancy Characteristic: Sink Line
Material: Nylon
Colour:Transparent, Light green, Pink
Fishing places: Ocean Beach, marine boat, ocean rock , rivers, lakes
Line Number: 0.4-8.0
Strength: 1.9 - 18.5 KG
Diameter: 0.1 -0.5MM

Features :

1.Imported daiwa main strands pass-kill fishing line this product is imported raw silk.

2.Assault with a particularly strong performance to prevent abrasion of each obstacle in the water.

3.Excellent softness into, strong, rally, no tie, not aging. 

4.Fishing Line raw silk imported from Japan, nodules and strong.