Recovery after Birth Drilled Natural Rose Quartz Yoni Egg for Kegel Exercise Pelvic Floor Muscles Vaginal Exercise Ben Wa Ball

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Item Type : Massage & Relaxation

Size: Medium

Application: Body

Brand Name : Jeanie

Model Number : DY - YE -004

Material: natural rose quartz

Material: natural rose quartz

Size: M :40 X 25 MM L:50*35MM

health care : yes

massage: yes

sex toys : yes

antistress: yes

sex toys for woman : yes

toys for adults : yes

love eggs : yes

jade egg : yes

Recovery after Birth Drilled Natural Rose Quartz Yoni Egg for Kegel Exercise Pelvic Floor Muscles Vaginal Exercise Ben Wa Ball

Each egg is hand carved natural stone, so minor defects can occur. But exactly they make each egg unique. Museum Quality flawless egg from gemstones cost hundreds of dollars. And you don't need it for Kegel Exercise!!! You will see tiny cracks in the egg. It is normal condition for quartz stones, especially for drilled egg.
Material: natural rose quartz
size: S:40X25MM, M:40X35MM; L:50*35MM
Net weight:34-70 gram/pic
Usage: Kegel Exercise, home decor, gift, crystal healing
1.Kegel Exercisers are the perfect solution to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, helping you gain pelvic strength in an easy, effective, and convenient way.Ideal for every woman, it will helps you to prevent incontinence, prepare for a healthy pregnancy, restore pelvic strength after childbirth, and maintain vaginal tightness.
2.Benefits of kegel exercisers:
Prevent and overcome urinary incontinence.
Prepare and strengthen for a healthy pregnancy.
Recover and restore pelvic strength after childbirth.
Enhance sensation for both partners during intimacy.
You can use unwaxed dental floss as your string to easily remove them. First you need to choose the large egg, because despite the fact that all women are different, and the physiological structure they also have different, much easier to hold an egg without a strong muscle tension and fatigue. And after that, as the muscles will train, and retain a large egg will be simple, you can go to a training session with an average egg, and then with the smallest. Insert the egg and squeeze the muscles, which you will feel as the egg move. This lifts the pelvic floor. Hold for a count of ten, and then relax for a count of ten. Do 10 sets, three times a day. The key to success is doing this exercise daily, regularly. When your pelvic muscle improves and you get the results you want, do the exercise daily, at least once a day. If your pelvic muscle is in good health and you have good muscle tone, to keep these muscles strong simply insert the eggs at least four times each week and wear them while you do your regular activities for 20 minutes.
 cleaning method
Before first use, boil in the water for 10 -15 minutes on low heat. Please, do not lower cold eggs into boiling water. They will crack. You have to put eggs in warm water and slowly bring it to a boil. Rinse with hot water before each use. Wash thoroughly after each use with water and soap.