Walfos 6 pieces reusable kitchen tools bowl cover pan lid -Premium stretch silicone lids- stretch silicone bowl lid

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Type: Cookware Parts

Certification: SQ , EEC , FDA , LGBT , CE / EU , GS

Brand Name : waldos

Feature: Stocked , Eco - Friendly

Model Number : HM 15005

Cookware Parts Type : Lids

Material: Silicone

Certification : GS , FDA , LGBT , Ohs

Temperature : -40 F to +446F (-40c to +230c)

Material : BAP free 100% Food Grade Silicone

Advantage: Heat resistance flexible

Size: 2.6" 3.7" 4.5" 5.7" 6.5" and 8.3"

Color: blue or clear


Many sellers on aliexpress use fake silicone material to copy WALFOS products recently. we are suing them now.

The fake silicone material is toxic and bad for our health, can't touch food directly.


Original WALFOS label 

All WALFOS products will have Original WALFOS label in packaging.If you don't find it in packaging, the product is fake!!! Please kindly contact us if you find fake WALFOS product on aliexpress.  



Food Grade Silicone

 All of Original  WALFOS Brand products are made of Food Grade , no odor , BPA Free high quality platinum silicone material, not cheap rubber or TPR material.

Our silicone material is the same as silicone baby pacifier ! Why we use this high quality silicone? Because it is safe for poeple to use it in oven,  fridge and our health. Hope your family love and enjoy WALFOS high quality silicone product.


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WALFOS Various Sizes Silicone Stretch Lids - Perfect Baking and Cooking Durable Kitchen Gadgets! 

The 6 different diameter sizes offer 
- 8.3 inch/ 21.0 cm diameter - Large salad bowl, Cuisinart mixing bowl 1 gallon paint can. You also can use them as a gripper for those screw top lids that are just on too tight 
- 6.5 inch/ 16.5 cm diameter - Extra large bowls, Suitable of a giant watermelon, mixing bowl 
- 5.7 inch/ 14.5 cm diameter - For a small watermelon, mixing bowls, soup bowls 
- 4.5 inch/ 11.5 cm diameter - a cantaloupe, regular bowls, small tupper ware dishes, bento boxes 1 quart paint can 
- 3.7 inch/ 9.50 cm diameter - Sour Cream, Large yogurts, grapefruit, coffee mug, beer mug, small bowls 
- 2.7 inch/ 6.80 cm diameter - Fruit cups, small yogurts, an onion or apple, can of soup, cat or dog food, that glass of wine you didn't want to finish, glass of milk 
This Stretchable Silicone Covers Set is the new level of food storage to have a smarter home with no spills, oxidation or diffused odors. The adjustable set of stretching lids is suitable for any kitchenware, containers, or fruit and greens of all sizes and shapes. 


Stretch 200%


Below is popular WALOFS Multipurpose food lids, which can create an airtight seal.

Use for pan, pot, cup, bowls , microwave

Splatter Guard Set, Trivet, Placemat, Jar Opener, Pot Grabber, Food Cover





Below is comments from our clients.



This is a very practical tool for the kitchen! They work really well. I am using them to cover mixing bowls (which do not have lids). And I hate using plastic wrap. The smaller ones are good for covering cups when my kids don't finish their drinks. These things are very 'sticky' and with the right size/bowl ratio, they do not leak. If you choose a size too big however, it may not fit snugly.

The only con I have found is that since they are so 'sticky', storage can be a problem. If I put them in my drawer with the hot pads/dish towels, they get fuzz all over them. (This is where I would like to store them, but cannot.) Storage on a shelf means they gather dust pretty quickly. So I just found a big Ziplock bag to store them in, but it is kind of hard getting them in and out of the bag. Not a huge problem though.

I received this product in exchange for an honest review, and my opinions are based on my actual user experience.

These are awesome! You will not regret buying these. Do not spend anymore time trying to find lids, with these they fit on everything and stay put. They are easy to use, dishwasher safe. They have a lot of different sizes. We have used these everyday since we received them. They are round but they work on square bowl to. No more plastic wrap! I have pictures of how they come, which is nothing fancy just in a plastic bag. 2 of the pictures show them on a square bowl. As long as nothing is wet, the bowl or top, they will fit on and stay snug. These are so much better than putting plastic in our landfills. Worth every penny! I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.I love these. I have a bunch of glass bowls that I use for mixing ingredients, dips, pasta/chicken salads, etc. I love my bowls but they do not have lids. I have to transfer food to a covered dish or waste saran wrap or aluminum foil to cover them. These lids fit on my many of my bowls perfectly. I can even stack my bowls in the fridge using these. I have ran them through the dishwasher and they held up great. I am excited to be able to try these at a discount in exchange for my honest review. I plan on buying a set for my moms mixing bowls that she uses while baking.

1/15/16 - I can back to add that the smallest lid fits a soup can perfectly! I took a pic but it won't let me edit my review to add it.




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